Shufflemaster 5 player Blackjack


DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT OVER THE INTERNET. Please call us to discuss any questions about this product as it is very rare. These are slowly starting to come out of casinos and are a huge hit to our International customers as well as some of our Domestic customers. Once again please call us with any questions about this.

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Shufflemaster 5 player Blackjack

Finally, a way to play Blackjack without requiring a dealer! The Shufflemaster 5 player Blackjack is a Table Master Multi-Player Platform (TMS300). The “TMS300” is a virtual table game that provides players the opportunity to play together like a typical card game. The TMS300 provides separate seating locations for up to five players. First, a virtual dealer on a 50”” plasma screen  occupies the typical position of a dealer. Then, a horizontal 42”” plasma  screen simulates a table game playing  surface. Finally, individual button panels allow players to interact with the game and place bets, hold cards, call for cards and various other  activities.

Player stations are individual kiosks that allow players to interact with the virtual table game. Each player station has a dedicated processor that communicates with only the peripherals at that player station. These peripherals include the slot accounting  system, bill validator, voucher printer, meters, button panel and various  electromechanical meters, doors and keys.

These games are being offered fully reconditioned to extremely high standards to ensure years of use and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the machine will be configured to your specifications and ready for play.  Attached are several pictures for your review. Furthermore, for additional information, feel free to email or call 937-672-7288.

In my opinion, this game makes a great addition for any Blackjack fanatic. Therefore, don’t wait! Order your Shufflemaster today!


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