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For international customer service questions, please feel free to contact us via Whatapp, Skype, or email.

Whatsapp +1 937 371 7110- Andy
Whatsapp +1 937 672 7288- Chris

Skype: Chrisday71 /Slotdeals /Andy.slots


Slots Machines Unlimited offers unparalleled international customer service. The staff here at Slot Machines, ltd., are experts in the area of International Sales to South America, Asia, South Africa, Europe and Russia. Knowledgeable in both United States Customs regulations as well as regulations in your country, we can expedite your order through these procedures.


Purchasing Options

Parts Complete – Have your Casino Gaming Machine shipped to you direct in the same condition as we receive them. This will allow you to provide any services or repairs to the machine, if any repairs or service of the machine is required.

Refurbished – Have your casino gaming machine shipped to you after our experienced technicians have completely refurbished the gaming machine to put them into a guaranteed working state. These machines are ready for play in your establishment. All refurbished casino gaming machines have had all non-working parts replaced, servicing and maintenance has been conducted and the machines have been cleaned. We offer these gaming machines to our clients at a wholesale price when you purchase multiple units.

Shipping Options

Container Packing – We are able to load your casino gaming machines into a shipping container for international shipping to your establishment.

Secure Shipping Crates – This option allows for your gaming machine to be packaged into a wooden shipping crate, one by one. This option is designed for those normally purchasing only a few of our gaming machines. We would suggest container packing for those purchasing several casino gaming machines to ship internationally. We offer cost efficient shipping by Fed-Ex International or Eagle Global. These shipping companies have conducted business with Slot Machines, ltd. for many years. Therefore, we trust and rely on them to get your machine to you in the same condition as we originally packaged it. In most cases, we have the inventory in stock and can ship immediately. This sets us apart from our competitors who will take 4-6 weeks preparing your order.


We specialize in all the popular IGT reel slots, 9 inch, 16 inch and round top, non-embedded bill acceptors as well as embedded bill acceptors. Our company also has an excellent line of video poker machines. Bally, Williams, Sigmas, CDS, Universals, Aristocrats, Atronics are just a few of the name brand casino gaming machines that we provide. We have so much more to offer! Slot Machines Unlimited offers a full line of slot machine parts including cpu boards, bill validators, reels, hoppers, coin mechanisms, power supplies, lights, bulbs, eproms and much more. Shoot us an email at We would be happy to show you videos of our warehouse and even some pictures with us and our overseas customers that have visited us!

If you are looking for IGT Trimline, IGT AVP, Novomatic, Aristocrat MK7, UBA’s, Williams Bluebird 2, G20, G23, SMLD, we have these machines in our inventory. We are one of the largest exporters of used slot machine equipment in the world.

If you are an International customer that orders a 20 Ft or 40Ft container, one of our technicians (Andy) will travel to your country and help train your techs on the machines. If you would like to see proof of this please feel free to call us. No other company offers this type of service. Remember we want you as a customer for a lifetime. This is an added bonus to your business. It will help with phone calls and reduce the downtime of your machines. Furthermore, this level of service will help build both of our relationships for the future.


Recent places we have sent containers of machines to:

  • Argentina
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Paraguay
  • Liberia
  • Costa Rica
  • Taiwan
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Congo
  • Nigeria
  • Canada
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ireland

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