Video slot machines are typically multi-denominational and are coinless. Coinless means that the machines will take all the new bills $1-$100.

Many of the video slots feature multiple bonus games. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy a lot of interaction, sound, and fun.

This machine comes with an LCD monitor, making it a great game for home use.


  • WMS Bluebird Machine
  • Protocol SAS
  • Casino Top
  • Black Cabinet (typically)
  • Machines are 100% complete
  • Powered tested, cleaned and bubble wrapped by our technicians
  • Machines work stand alone

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Quackers slot machine

Quackers slot machine is a Bluebird 1 by Williams. Plunge into the Quackers 5-reel 9-line slot game with Buck the hilarious hound that helps players shoot ducks for bonus credits. This hunter won’t be using any ordinary gun, however, he will be shooting plungers at the flying ducks! This slot machine has several great bonus rounds that will let players multiply their wins or get free plays.

Williams Bluebird 1

The WMS Bluebird 1 raised industry standards in regards to cabinet design and software. This cabinet was different from the standard box design, featuring smooth rounded doors. The sound quality is amazing because of the Bose speakers on the beautiful cabinets. The WMS Bluebird software is some of the most popular with fun new games and wonderful bonus features. Players will flock to these machines!



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