Dr. Jackpot slot machine

The Dr. Jackpot slot machine is a WMS BB2. The Dr. Jackpot slot machine makes a great addition to any home or casino. We sell refurbished slot machines internationally and domestically. Dr. Jackpot slot machine for sale. This particular style of machine is intended for international clients. Therefore, please call to order. You can contact us via WhatsApp at +1 937-672-7288 or email.

Williams Bluebird 2

The Williams Bluebird 2 slot machine is an innovative, user-friendly line of slot machines. These slot machine features great technological advances such as a dual 22” widescreen HD display, a powerful CPU NXT2 technology platform, and Next Generation Bose audio system. This is one of the best slot machines out there for usability and supportability. Players enjoy a wide selection of different styles of game play. The beautifully designed WMS Bluebird 2 machines have been a success with slot players since its release. There are several themed games available like “Star Trek”, “Lord of the Rings” and “Monopoly.”

Types of bill acceptors compatible with WMS Bluebird 2

  • Mars Cashflow
  • JCM iVision

Types of printers compatible with WMS Bluebird 2

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Gen 2 RS232
  • Ithica 950
  • Handpay Only (no printer)


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