Samurai Gold M9000

Samurai Gold M9000



  • Updated bill acceptor ( takes new $100 )
  • LCD Monitor
  • Lock and Key
  • Great tech support
  • 1 year warranty
  • Handpay enabled (don’t have to worry about tickets )



Samurai Gold M9000

The Samurai Gold M9000 is a video slot machine produced by Bally. The Samurai Gold slot machine is rather simple as a far as five reel video slot machine games. The bonus game of Samurai Gold can double all winnings! Great addition for any home or casino floor.

Bally Alpha M9000

This user friendly Bally Alpha cabinet features padded armrests, surround sound, 19″LCD, stunning graphics, and all around fun player experience. People will actually wait in line for a chance to get on the Hot Shot or Quick Hit progressives.  Bally really hit a homerun with this series.  The Bally Alpha is also very tech friendly and easy to work on as well as being extremely reliable.  These are a great addition to any slot floor.

Bally Alpha machines are available in 2 CPU versions

    • 300mhz CPU
    • 400mhz CPU

    Bally Alpha machines are available in 2 button styles

    • Standard 14 button panel (static)
    • Standard 11 button panel (forced minimum)(static)

    Types of bill acceptors compatible with Bally Alpha

    • JCM WBA
    • Mars Cashflow
    • JCM UBA
    • JCM iVision

    Types of printers compatible with Bally Alpha

    • Gen 2 Universal
    • Gen 2 Netplex
    • Ithica 950
    • Handpay Only (no printer)


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