Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue


A very clean brown roundtop 3 reel multi line Red,White, and Blue. Printer and handpay available


Red, White and Blue

The Red White and Blue slots is still one of the most popular games in Las Vegas and definitely one of the biggest games of all time. If you have never played Red White and Blue slots, where have you been all this time? Red White and Blue is the classic 3 reel slot machine in Las Vegas and is still going strong today. The IGT S2000 Red, White and Blue is a player favorite of the popular IGT S2000 line of slot machines. This slot machine combines classic symbols with simple yet entertaining gameplay. The IGT Red, White and Blue is a full sized Las Vegas style slot machine. It makes a beautiful addition for any slot machine collector.

Watch a video on the IGT S2000 Red, White and Blue slot machine below:

The product line

The IGT Red, White and Blue is a classic IGT s2000 slot machine. The IGT S2000 slot machine is probably the most recognizable slot machine in the world due to its wide distribution and the movie industry. Most casinos today will have these on the game floor. The IGT S2000 remains a favorite of “reel machine” enthusiast worldwide. IGT S2000 slot machines are a must have for any floor and are also one of the lowest cost slots available now.

The IGT S2000’s are the classic reel slots that you see in the casinos today. These are our most popular machines for home sales. These machines come to us coinless now from the casino- meaning they will take bills and print out a ticket; just like in a modern day casino. They can be converted back to take coins at an additional cost; however, we highly recommend keeping them coinless.

100 % Fully Refurbished IGT s2000 slot machines available!

1 Year Warranty

Types of bill acceptors compatible with  IGT S2000

  • Mars Cashflow
  • JCM DBV series

Types of printers compatible with  IGT S2000

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Gen 2 Netplex
  • Ithica 950
  • Handpay Only (no printer)
Machine Type: IGT S2000 5 REEL
Machine Name: Red,White, and Blue
Type of Top: ROUND
Number of Credits: 15 per line, max 75
Accepts Bills: Yes
Ticket Printer: Yes
Number of Lines: 5


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