Super Cherry
Super Cherry

Super Cherry video slot machine



This machine features the 17″ touchscreen CRT monitor. This machine has 2 bonus rounds- Line Up Bonus and Call To Action Bonus. Both are very fun to play. You are in Fruitville in normal play. When you go to the bonus rounds the “Super Cherry” is fighting the “villians”- the evil vegetables. This machine has all the enhanced sounds and in bonus mode it plays “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry. Very cool game to play! Also available in the round top cabinet


Super Cherry

Fruitville’s superhero cherry needs volunteers to join a bunch of fruit in their reel-life struggle with vegetable mobsters in Super Cherry, a 5-reel, 15-line iGame-Plus game theme that is a virtual cornucopia of bountiful bonuses. Super Cherry video slot machine has two delicious bonuses: Call to Action bonus and Line Up bonus. In the Call to Action bonus, players receive bonus credits and cherry power multipliers when superhero Cherry rounds up unruly roughage during free special-reel spins. In the Line Up bonus, players who finger the pulpy perpetrators in the line up of succulent suspects can harvest multipliers and fruity booty from the villainous veggies.

Video slot machines are typically multi-denominational and are coinless. Coinless means that the machines will take all the new bills $1-$100. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy a lot of interaction, sound and fun.  We highly recommend purchasing the brand new LCD monitors for these games.

IGT IGame Plus

The famous IGT “IGame Plus” series slot machines are a wonderful way to fill your slot floor without overspending. This line combines popular game themes with a recognizable cabinet to be an attractive draw for players on your casino floor. The IGT IGame Plus are simple multi line video games that appeal to players of all ages, in particular the fans of the classic IGT themes.

IGT IGame Plus machines are available in 2 cabinet sizes

  • 19″ Cabinet
  • 17″ Cabinet

IGT IGame Plus machines are available in 2 monitor styles

  • LCD
  • CRT

IGT IGame Plus machines are available in 2 platforms

  • 044 Platform
  • 3902 Platform

There are also differences in the tops available for different platforms.

  • Chop Top (shorter square top)
  • Tall Square (taller square top)
  • Round Top

Types of bill acceptors compatible with IGT IGame Plus

  • Mars Cashflow

Types of printers compatible with IGT IGame Plus

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Handpay Only (no printer)
  • Gen 2 Netplex
  • Ithica 950
Machine Type: IGT I-GAME
Machine Name: SUPER CHERRY
Type of Top: 9in chop
Number of Coins: 15 line 20 per line max 300 coins
Accepts Bills: Yes
Number of Lines: 15


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