Fireball Frenzy s9000
Fireball Frenzy s9000

Bally S9000 “Fireball Frenzy”


The Fireball Frenzy Bally S9000 is a 4th reel multiplier machine that also features a multi denomination LCD panel. The Bally Fireball Frenzy will take all the new bills $1-$100 and print a ticket of your cash value.



Fireball Frenzy

The Fireball Frenzy theme actually started in the earlier models of Bally slot machines such as the 5500 and 6000. The older versions of this theme were coin operated slots. This machine allows you to change the denomination by touching the small LCD panel. This Bally machine will take all the new bills and print out a ticket.

Bally S9000

Somewhat similar to the IGT S2000 line, the Bally S9000 became popular with casinos because it is a reel game with a great amount of technology. The cabinets feature beautiful new design themes with additional features such as top LCD screens. The Bally S9000 makes a great addition to any slot floor, providing an eye catching machine to reel in customers.

Bally S9000 machines are available in 2 CPU versions

  • 300mhz CPU
  • 400mhz CPU

Bally S9000 machines are available in 2 button styles

  • Standard 14 button panel (static)
  • Standard 11 button panel (forced minimum)(static)

Types of bill acceptors compatible with Bally S9000

  • Mars Cashflow
  • JCM iVision

Types of printers compatible with Bally S9000

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Gen 2 RS232
  • Ithica 950
  • Handpay Only (no printer)


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