Bally 6000 machines “As Is- Parts Complete”


Machines are $150 a piece.

We will randomly select 4 Bally 6000 machines. Our inventory is always changing. These machines are sold “as is” without warranty.

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Bally 6000

The Bally 6000 is an all time classic. We offer Bally 6000 machines in groups of 4. These machines will be sold the exact same way we got them from casinos. Therefore, there is no warranty on parts. They will be complete.

This is a great opportunity to have a small slot machine business. You can repair them and then sell them yourself.

Again, we sell these machines as is “parts complete”.  Please call for more information.


Other information

Bally S6000 can come in chop top, round top or 16″ top. The machine uses JCM WBA, JCM UBA and JCM DBV bill acceptors. Bally S6000 uses Seiko Gen 1, Ithica 750 or Hopper printers.




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