Hot Shot Progressive


We recommend using HANDPAY as the payout method for the Bally slot machines.

  • Novelty Only Tickets do NOT go back into the machine. If you want that feature, select TITO on the Pay Out Method.
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Hot Shot Progressive M9000

The Hot Shot Progressive M9000 is a fully functional video slot machine. This theme is one of Bally’s most popular M9000. You can find this theme in the S9000 version or even the Cinevision. This machine will come with an LCD monitor that will display beautiful and vibrant colors. Please call with any questions.

Bally Alpha M9000

This user-friendly Bally Alpha cabinet features padded armrests, surround sound, 19″LCD, stunning graphics, and all-around fun player experience. People will actually wait in line for a chance to get on the Hot Shot or Quick Hit progressives. Bally really hit a home run with this series. The Bally Alpha is also very tech-friendly and easy to work on as well as being extremely reliable. These are a great addition to any slot floor.


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