Konami Rawhide


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Konami Rawhide

The brand Konami is known for the interactive gameplay. The Konami Rawhide is one of their most popular game themes. Rawhide brings a taste of the wild west to you.

The K2V Konami will take bills and also may be enabled with a nice LCD monitor. Also, we have other Konami titles available. Therefore, for a complete listing, please call us at 937-672-7288.

Furthermore, we can make these Konami machines accept international currency. For international customers, please contact Chris on Whatsapp + 1 937 672 7288.

Konami K2V

The Konami K2V features a high definition LCD display, an attractive cabinet design, and comfortable armrest for the machine user. Konami also introduced stylish attractive toppers for these machines. Additionally, the Konami K2V introduced several new and exciting game themes. With proven game themes, this high-performing platform increases functionality for casino operators and players. Therefore, these make a beautiful low cost addition to any slot floor.

  • Super VGA graphic display with extended ROM capabilities to run LCD screens
  • Improved sound capabilities
  • Crisp graphics CCFL lighting to extend life cycles and use less electricity
  • An ergonomically designed play area


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