Pharaoh’s Fortune video slot machine

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Pharaoh’s Fortune video slot machine

Pharaoh’s Fortune video slot machine provides an enchanting experience for players as they travel back to the ancient world. This Pharaoh will help you win a fortune!

IGT IGame Plus

The famous IGT “IGame Plus” series slot machines are a wonderful way to fill your slot floor without overspending. This line combines popular game themes with a recognizable cabinet to be an attractive draw for players on your casino floor. The IGT IGame Plus are simple multi-line video games that appeal to players of all ages, in particular, the fans of the classic IGT themes.

Machine Type: IGT I-GAME PLUS
Machine Name: Pharaoh’s Fortune
Type of Top: Varies
Number of Credits: 5 per line, max 75
Accepts Bills: Yes
Number of Lines: 15


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