Cake Walk video slot machine

Video slot machines are typically multi-denominational and are coinless. Coinless means that the machines will take all the new bills $1-$100. Many of the video slots feature multiple bonus games. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy a lot of interaction, sound and fun.  We highly recommend purchasing the LCD monitors for these games.


Cake Walk video slot machine

Cake Walk video slots allows the players to indulge with its sugary goodness. This particular IGT used slot machine has some pretty catchy song tunes to it. Cake Walk is a dessert themed video slot machine with royale symbols, wilds and scatter pays. Cake Walk video slot’s theme layers wilds, scatter pays and a free spins bonus to make for a truly delicious experience!

It boasts an 044 processor board which features better graphics and sounds. It is possible the machine may vary from the picture, although the variation is likely just the color of the cabinet.

IGT IGame Plus

The famous IGT “IGame Plus” series slot machines are a wonderful way to fill your slot floor without overspending. This line combines popular game themes with a recognizable cabinet to be an attractive draw for players on your casino floor. The IGT IGame Plus are simple multi line video games that appeal to players of all ages, in particular the fans of the classic IGT themes.


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