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 Slot Machines Ltd. is a family owned business that prides itself on quality, customer retention and fairness. We offer, by far, the most competitive prices in the industry. We also have the competitive advantage of buying directly from casinos. With our warehouse on property and three technicians that have been with the company since the beginning, it’s fair to say we have a highly regarded staff in both sales and technical support.

  • We offer price discounts when machines are purchased in bulk.
  • We warranty the majority of our machines for one year.
  • We want returning customers. We strive for quality, fairness and service after sale!
  • We have a flat rate shipping cost.
  • We have HUNDREDS of SLOT MACHINES that aren’t even listed on our page, so please give us a call if you have any questions.
  • We have THOUSANDS of SLOT MACHINE PARTS. If you’re in need of a part not listed on our page, please give us a call; we may have it!
  • We set up all of our Slot Machines coinless. Just the way they are in the casinos today. However we can still convert them back to be a quarter slot machine, nickel slot machine, or token slot machine.
  • We can install coin gear into our machines just let us know- however coins are not recommended

 If you are an International customer that orders a 20 Ft or 40 Ft container one of our technicians ( Andy) will travel to your country and help train your techs on the machines. If you would like to see proof of this please feel free to call us. No other company offers this type of service. Remember we want you as a customer for a lifetime.

There is no need to crate the machines we have very good service with our shipping companies. Remember….. any company on the internet can say what they want but truly test their after hours tech support and ability to respond to emails, text, and phone calls. You will be amazed at how fast we respond with any questions. Please note that these photos are just stock photos that we’ve collected over the years. The machine you purchase will look similar to this. It’s not possible to put a picture of every single machine on the website. All of our machines are fully insured when they’re shipped. Meaning if there was any damage you the customer would not be held responsible. We would crate machines if we had extensive damage. We do not. We have been using the same freight lines for many years and they do a good job day in and day out. You’re handling charges are already included in the price of your machine.  We can send you pictures on how we wrap our machines. If you have been doing some research and still are undecided on which slot machine company to go with please email or call us and we will gladly show you our Ebay username with perfect feedback since 1999.


If you would like to see real feedback I encourage each and everyone of you to visit our facebook page. Remember we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase.

937-836-5609- Office

937-672-7288- Chris ( Owners son- runs daily operation) is now going on his 4th year in operation since graduating college.

937-609-2468- Terry ( Owner) has been in the slot machine industry for over 20+ years

937- 371-7110 – Andy ( Owner’s son & full time tech ) has been apart of the company for 3 years

April- ( Head Tech) has been with the company for over 14 years

Randy- ( Warehouse Manager/ Fulltime Tech) has been with the company for over 14 years  


Call us! We answer our phones after hours everyday. This is why we are so successful.

We have a separate technical line just for tech support. This line can be reached Monday- Friday 8:00am- 4:00Pm – This is for our customers

Why are we so good at what we do? I’ll tell you exactly why. I hold in high standards the way I run this company. I do not stop working at 5pm, since taking over the company my brother and  I have taken the same responsibility  to run it the way our father did. I am constantly on my phone taking phone calls, sending pictures, checking emails, or even texting customers. Whether they want to place an order, or a general question I am so quick to respond that typically the customer never expects such a fast response. Hey come on’ im 29 im always on my phone I can’t help it. If you have a technical question and its 9 o clock at night- I answer the phone and I will try my best to help you, however here is where Slot Machines Unlimited’s advantage plays a factor. My brother is a tech, so I will call him and have him call the customer and help them with their problem. These machines are user friendly which is why we warranty them for a 1 year. Heck even I can help you with most problems and I have difficulties turning a screwdriver! Please remember- we want to sell you something that you will enjoy, tell your friends and family, and ultimately purchase more machines from us.  We have been built by you the customer. By referring friends and family. Features – All Vegas Slot Machines come with a lock for the door and reset key – We have created how to videos to help explain simple procedures while you have your refurbished slot machine – We have created several youtube videos so that you can see examples of how Casino Slot Machines function – All slot machines are professional packaged to insure the safety of your machine – We have 100’s of refurbished slot machines that are not listed on our site – Ask us about discounted multi-line machines – Free tech support with the purchase of a slot machine and 1 year warranty on parts. Excluding light bulbs and batteries Questions? Call 937-836-5609 Now! We excel in after the sale service and support of IGT Slot Machines, Poker Machines and a wide variety of Casino Gaming Equipment. Let us show you the profitable way of selling, servicing and supporting the growing slot machine market. It’s nice to have a friend in the business.

Remember if you want to see real reviews. Just visit us on facebook. You can call, email or text us at any time with questions