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Family owned since 1999, we take pride in delivering the best quality, customer retention, and fairness.

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We stock everything from casino stands and slot machine chairs, to bill acceptors and CPU motherboards.

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We have (by far) the best prices on slot machines! Buying directly from casinos gives us a competitive advantage.

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We have created several YouTube videos so that you can see examples of how casino slot machines function.

Slot Machine Heaven

"What more couldnt I say about Chris and his staff. The laid back, non pushy, and honest approach ... I knew I was at the right place for the best deal. The warehouse is immaculate I felt like I was in Slot Machine heaven... they even let me fish at their pond!"


You Made My Wife Happy Too

"Thanks Randy for helping me out over the phone with my problem. You got me up and running again. I am playing my machine every night. You made my wife happy too."


Best Machine Ever

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my machine today. It is the best machine ever. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions, even the small ones that may have seemed unimportant. No problems here. I will be back again for another one soon."


All Are Great People

"I am in France. All the parts of my slots came from April, Randy, etc... All are great people. I had never problem. In France, when you ask question to IGT or Bally never answer or they say that only the casino interest them."


April is Super

"April is super. She sells glass, game kits and progressive boards and everything is working and well packed."


Like a Super Hero

"I kept running into dead ends.....it was like hitting my head against a wall or something, and then I found April... In my book April is like a Super Hero or something!!!"


Slot Machines Unlimited

75 Harrisburg Drive
Englewood, OH 45322 (map)

Telephone: +1 937-836-5609- Office

Cell phone – 937-672-7288 ( receives text )

Cell phone – 937-371-7110 ( receives text )

Whatsapp + 1-937-672-7288
Fax: +1 419.710.4719
E-mail: slotdeals@aol.com
Skype #2: Chrisday71
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8-5
*Call for appointments after hours

Welcome to Slot Machines Unlimited – Largest Supplier Of Retail and International Slot Machines In The USA – Family Owned Since 1999

Slot Machines Ltd. is a family owned business that prides itself on quality, customer retention and fairness. We offer, by far, the most competitive prices in the industry. We also have the competitive advantage of buying directly from casinos. With our warehouse on property and three technicians that have been with the company since the beginning, it’s fair to say we have a highly regarded staff in both sales and technical support.

This company started in a 16 x10 shed 16 years ago. Now we house over 2000+ machines, 3 warehouses, and over 25,000 square feet for storage.

We are an example of the American Dream

Please watch the above video of our warehouse and what we do!


Important disclaimer-  Every machine on this stock is a stock photo. If it says something specific it does not mean it will come that way. For example if the machine says- 2 credit on the glass you may receive a 3 credit. We have too many options to choose from. If you want something specific you must call or email us after the purchase so we can prepare your machine that way. We try not to be too specific due to our inventory changing so much. Please call with any questions.


Due to the amount of machines we stock. Almost all of the machines you will see on the site are stock photos. We always send videos of your exact machine after its purchased and the technicians refurbish them. We just have too many machines to list on the site. Remember just because its not on the site it does not mean we do not have it in stock.

We have Casino stands and chairs available for sale too.

All slot machines are set-up to take bills and are set to handpay for payout. Handpay is very nice due to the fact you don’t have to worry about the ticket printer and refilling the paper. 

If you wish to add coin handling to your slot machine the cost is $150

( We would rather you save the $150 )

If you are an international customer ordering a 20 Ft. or 40 Ft. container, one of our technicians (Andy) will travel to your location and help train your techs on the machines. If you would like to hear more about this, please feel free to call us. NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS THIS TYPE OF SERVICE. Remember, we want you as a customer for a lifetime.

For our International customers we offer a translator that will assist in the language barrier. Please contact us through email or Whatsapp. 

Please remember- we want to sell you something that you will enjoy. We have been built by our customers—we would like to keep building!

We have created several YouTube videos so that you can see examples of how Casino Slot Machines function. All slot machines are professionally packaged to ensure the safety of your machine – We have hundreds of refurbished slot machines that are not listed on our site. Ask us about discounted multi-line machines.

Its important to know as a customer that you are purchasing a used machine. You can not purchase brand new machines they only sell them directly to the casino and they’re extremely expensive. We do our best to restore them to full potential so that they’re nice for your house or casino. We must be doing something right I’ve we’ve been around for 16 years.

If you want to see real reviews, just visit us on Facebook and eBay. You can call, email or text us at any time with questions!

Contact us:

937-836-5609- Office

Text/ Whatsapp – 1-937-672-7288- Chris

Text/ Whatsapp – 1-937-371-7110 – Andy